Friday 30th of August 2019 from 13.00 to 15.30

SOPHIE supports the realisation of qualified soil hydro-physics (SHP) data, highly needed in EU policy making, coming from EU-wide agreed, preferred, and innovated cost-effective laboratory- and field methods, accomplished through international collaboration (> 14 collaborating laboratories; > 150 people from different EU-institutions). SHP-properties determine the soil-water-interactions: water flow and transport of dissolved compounds (e.g. nitrogen, phosphates, pesticides, antibiotics).  SHP-properties are water-retention, -conductivity, -shrinkage, OM, texture, structure, density. These properties play an important role in issues concerning Food security, Salinity, GHG-emissions, Nature conservation, Healthy Soils, Infrastructural damage (soil shrinkage), etc.

During this side-event we will discuss SOPHIE’s Reference sample proceedings, General development agenda, and Business & Organisational model. We expect a max of 30 participants. If you are interested in attending please contact Dr Gerben Bakker

SOPHIE workshop draft Agenda:

    • 13.10 Basic development agenda presentation [20min]
    • Discussion 1 [20 min]
    • 13.30 Reference samples presentation [20min]
    • Discussion 2 [20 min]
    • 13.50 Business/organisational model presentation [20min]
    • Discussion 3 [20 min]
    • Wrap up [15min]

Total time: 145 min (approx. 2,5 hours).

For more info please contact Dr Gerben Bakker or visit