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Mo 26 Side Events Side Events

Side Events

Ice breaker welcome registration WSC2019

Tue 27

Opening WSC2019

Day 1 – Soil functions for society (land management and policy applications )

Masterclasses Fish bowl “From the Ground up” networking time
Wed 28 Day 2 – Innovative methods for measuring soil functions (lab, field or sensor technology ) Masterclasses Young scientists pitches “Rising Soil Stars networking time
Thu 29 Day 3 – Modelling & mapping of soil functions across scales (temporal, spatial and social ) Masterclasses Meet the experts Cycling to the social dinner
Fri 30

Day 4 – Can we understand synergies and trade-offs between soil functions

(primary productivity; biodiversity; nutrient cycling; water resources; carbon and climate regulation)

Closure WSC2019 lunch

Side Events


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