The Idea

Masterclasses are an excellent way to show and share your research, expertise and new tools or methods in an interactive way or to discuss emerging topics and promising research agendas. The Call for Masterclasses delivered the following scientific and interactive topic masterclasses that will be given during the conference.

We proudly present here 30 masterclasses that will be organised during the afternoons of the Wageningen Soil Conference 2019. The masterclasses vary from field trips, to classroom discussions and demonstrations to hands-on laboratory or computer tutorials.

Please find below a tentative schedule of the various masterclasses. Clicking on the title of the masterclass will bring you to a more detailed description of it.

There will be a maximum space associated with each masterclass, so please confirm when registering for the conference which is your preferred masterclass on each afternoon (so please select 1 masterclass per afternoon) and we will where possible try to allocate you to your preferred masterclasses. First come, first served!

The masterclasses are included in the conference fee.

Theme 1: Society and management Theme 2: Methods to measure soil functions Theme 3: Modelling & mapping soil functions Theme 4: Synergy & trade-offs
Tuesday 27 August 2019
M1: Applying a participatory approach in understanding soil functions M3: Soil structure and soil biodiversity M6: Field description, classification and interpretation of the soil profile M9: Qualitative multi-attribute decision modelling in soil science
M2: Sources, occurrence and risks of microplastics in the terrestrial ecosystem. M4: Morphological characterization of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi M7: Bayesian networks and soil functions: integrating uncertainty and multi-functionality M10: Soil biodiversity assessments at a global scale
M31: Soil-related Sustainable Development Goals: Transitions are needed! M5: Soil Biological Quality Index (QBS-ar), a different way to look at soil M8: Ensuring reliability and comparability of soil data
Wednesday 28 August 2019
M11: Integrated Soil Management on Sandy Soils for Sustainable Agriculture* M14: Due to personal circumstances this masterclass is now cancelled. M17: Knowledge discovery and data mining in soil science M20: Understanding the functional capacity of our soils – case studies from around the world
M12: Soil Management for Regenerative Agriculture** M15: Soil fertilization with micronutrients and inspiring practical tests with chelates to prove their function M18: Mapping rootable depth and plant-available soil water & nutrients to evaluate soil functioning in terms of agricultural productivity M21: Sustainability assessment of soil management: hands-on training
M13: “Goodbye Soil Framework Directive, Hello new CAP (an escape room experience)” M16: An introduction to identifying the feeding groups of nematodes M19: Proximal soil sensing for soil data acquisition
Thursday 29 August 2019
M22: Interactive Augmented Reality Workshop for managing soil functions M24: Getting a grip on soil bioturbation rates M27: Machine Learning for soil mapping M29: Challenges in assessing the regional feasibility of local subsurface water
M23: The future of European agricultural soil management M25: A tool for identifying biological indicators of soil functions M28: Spectral libraries for field predictions M30: Designing soil models
M26: Sensor technology for fast and on-site soil fertility diagnosis

* This is a field trip involving extra costs for transportation (expected ~25 eu p.p.) and depedening on traffic, you may miss part of the evening program at Wageningen

** This is a field trip; transportation costs are included; depending on traffic, you may miss part of the evening program at Wageningen