We proudly present the afternoon masterclasses that will be offered at the 2023 Wageningen Soil Conference. The masterclasses vary from field trips to classroom discussions or serious games, and from hands-on laboratory to computer tutorials.   

Please find below a tentative masterclass schedule. Clicking on masterclass title will bring you to a more detailed description of it.  

There will be a maximum number of participants for each masterclass, so please confirm when registering for the conference which are your preferred masterclasses. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.  

 In case of a low number of registrations for a masterclass, the masterclass can be cancelled. This will be communicated on prior notice and with the possibility to register for an alternative masterclass. 


Theme 1:
Soils for society
Theme 2:
Advances in measuring and modelling soil processes
Theme 3:
Mapping and evaluation of soil functions across scales
Theme 4:
Soils for nature-based solutions
Tuesday 29 August 2023
M1: Hands in the mud M4: Practical application of fusing spectroscopic techniques in routine soil analysis: Lab-in-a-Box (LiaB) M8: Topical Discussion on Functional Biogeography M10: Enabling Carbon farming: a hands-on masterclass on soil carbon monitoring
M2: Mapping Soil Communities Using the Expanded Soil Profile M5: Comparability and compatibility (soil) data for food forest monitoring* M11: Development pathways towards a sustainable soil system
M3: Transformative Soil Science: who am I in relation to my research? M6: Plastic analysis in soil: from the field to the laboratory analysis and results M32: Mitigating Soil Erosion: Effective Strategies and Sustainable Solutions
M14: How to put the EU Soil Strategy to practise? Look Differently, Think Differently, Act Differently  CANCELLED
Wednesday 30 August 2023
M12: How to cheat when assessing sustainability impacts M15: Hands-on tutorial SWAP model M18: Holistic soil health evaluation of agricultural fields with BLN 2.0 / Open Soil Index M21: Tropical soils and food security in times of extreme weather events
M13: From the field to the frame: painting with your soil! M16: Soil fertilization with micronutrients and inspiring practical tests with chelates to prove their function M19: Digital soil mapping in 3D space and time: a hands-on tutorial M22: Carbon farming
M26: Pesticide residues in soil – prioritization of compounds to health assessment and mixture data analysis M17: Assessing plastic fate in soil M20: Using farm data for soils research CANCELLED
Thursday 31 August 2023
M23: Game-based learning for soil education: the Living Soil Workshop. M27: New soil bulk density sensor in comparison with conventional measurement techniques M30: Scientific Illustration in PowerPoint M33: Agricultural practices for increasing soil quality
M24: Reliable decision support systems for dealing with complex soil health issues M28: Humic substances research – merits and controversies and future perspectives M31: Accessing WoSIS soil data using the GraphQL API
M25: Creating impact through lifelong learning based on your research  CANCELLED M29: NemaNINJA game: interpretation of nematode-based soil quality indicators. M9: Designing a Soil Health system across a range of spatial scales

* This is a field trip involving extra costs for transportation (expected ~25 eu p.p.) and you will not be back in time in Wageningen for the evening program.

For the complete Masterclass overview, please click here.