August 29, 30 and 31
Wageningen – The Netherlands

During the fifth edition of the Wageningen Soil Conference, we aim to offer a range of scientific and interactive masterclasses in the afternoons. This was seen as a very valuable part of the 2019 conference.

We hereby invite you to submit a proposal for such a masterclass.


Masterclasses are an excellent way to show and share your research, expertise and new tools or methods in an interactive way or to discuss emerging topics and promising research agendas. Note that they should not be regular (one-way) lectures. For ideas see descriptions of the 2019 masterclasses. 

Examples :
o Hands-on tutorial of a soil model
o Laboratory training
o Field demonstration
o Topical discussions

What we offer:

• Facilities such as (class)rooms, pc facilities, laboratory facilities, field sites
• 3-hour afternoon time slots on Tuesday 29, Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 August


What we need to know from you:

Please fill out the submission form below including:
• Title and short (max 150 words) description of your masterclass
• Maximum number of participants that you can host
• Room requirements and material that you need for the masterclass
• Submit the template by 12 December 2022

For questions concerning the Masterclasses please contact